The Kiss

You say you want to know

how to Kiss

a woman

it’s simple

drop your ego, shed your inhibitions

forget every other Kiss you’ve ever had

because no one, and nothing you’ve encountered

could have prepared you for this

take her hand first, pull her in, slowly

Kiss her…not lightly, not gently

feel her mouth on yours as if it is Judgment Day

you are both dying of thirst

her tongue against yours is all that could ever save you

Kiss her…until her back arches

her eyelids flutter

you can feel the warmth radiating between your bodies

speaking in their secret language

act like you speak it, fluently

branding each limb willfully, ironed

watch them fall to her eloquence

Kiss her…until your knees grow weak

from the strength she has stolen

that you have freely given

to taste her wonders

caring less about the carnage

shrapnel a small price to pay

Kiss her…until the world vibrates

you’re both turning on a pedestal in space

where even stars can not distract you

from the silkiness of her hair in your hand

the feel of her fingers, begging

little arcs into your neck

Kiss her…until you hear the sigh

of her trust, feeling her release as she softens

envelop her in your giant shell

hold her close, wrap her in all that you are

eclipsing one another

until you are both whole

Kiss her…when the world falters

all that you know has faded into black

where her lips are your revival, and your tomb

when her eyes open

you have another chance for redemption

your insides are bleeding

for her…

Kiss her…until you’d trade your last breath

to be there again

when time stood still

when the Gods made love

the angels sighed while the devils danced

laughing at your utter consumption

Kiss her…

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.

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