The moon and I Fekete Csaba

These gray clouds of Vancouver’s sky

Obscure the moon from its rightful view.

It makes me wonder all the time,

If it feels as isolated as I do.

Does it yearn for the wind’s caress?

A soft rasp hugging in an embrace the leaves

Denied of its lustrous luminous glow,

In loneliness, does for company it grieve?

This sense of being out of place,

I wish I would know if it shares with me.

Uprooted, left not knowing home

Is it too left with budding misery?

Oh, does the moon share this ache of soul

This not knowing what the future holds

This longing for some sort of touch

In a land where the spirits roam bland and cold

Does it know what it feels like to walk alone?

To need to scream if it wants to be heard

To have to cry a million years

Before it starts to become un-blurred.

Do those clouds know what they hide?

Are they aware of their awful sin,

To hide the mighty need for shine,

To disconnect the facade from what’s within?

Oh moon I wish I could hold your hand

So that we both aren’t fated to this life of shade

You might be lonely, but you’re not alone.

I will light your growing surrendered fade.

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