The picture on the wall

Its time to unpack, the stuff that lays stack
Lost I the grip, making the bag flip
A picture from the past, leaving me aghast
The one I abhor, he lay on the floor

Unable to divorce the thought, memories it had brought
Made an impassive call, adorned the photo on the wall

At me they stare, cold and bare
The unpleasant gaze, takes me back to those days
When Love prevailed and when it derailed
Drowned in pain, emotions many were made to drain
Left in lurch, egos began to surge
Indelible imprints of the past, our souls drifted apart
Pain became the norm, there seemed to be no reform
Diverging path, hearts filled with wrath
Up until this recast, he was lost in my past

Days went by, time began to fly
He continued to stare, eventually I returned the glare
Abjuring ties to the living man, within this short span
Retaining only the chords of love, the living soul I shove
Our lives again twine, sketching a new picture in my mind
Of One I long, to whom I belong

Now no strife, he is part of my life
His gaze filled with love, in the picture above
Only for me he cares, only at me he stares
With smile so bright, in the morning light
With whom I fight, the one I bid goodnight

Recent recluse leading to my awakening, after many forlorn attempts at escaping
Finally now my love has matured, after all that it has endured
Shines brighter than the solitaire on my finger, Completes my life this man in the picture.