The Power Within

Photo by Don MacLeod

What power lies deep within
Waiting to unfold
That I fear so much
That I shy from
That I turn from so often
I won’t look in your face
I hide mine 
So you cannot see
It lies there 
Like a tool
It will get used
That I will lay my fear down
And pick it up instead
Or is it my impotence
Lying there
Hoping to be more
But isn’t
Just a shadow of what could be
What could have been
A lie
I have told myself so long
I believe it is true

What I do feel
Is death approaching
Closer than ever
Moving in
Ever watchful
More watchful
As my life passes
Moving towards that inevitable day
I have spent
Lots of power
Keeping that day
As far away as possible
Exhaustion consuming me
For one more day
But it’s worth it
To take another breath
To feel the immortal enter
And exit

Maybe I didn’t waste that power
After all
I have used it wisely
To take another breath
Is more important
More powerful
Than anything

So many
Would give so much
For one more breath
On their last day
Give their last breath
With no recognition of how priceless
How precious
It was
They never sought
The preciousness of life
They were just here
Waiting for death
Without knowing they were
And were happy 
When it came
If they only knew
They do now

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