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The Powers That Be

When I envision
the powers that be,
I picture them seated
on an imperial throne
sovereign sceptre in hand,
doling out destinies:

you will be barren,
a failure of a woman,
but from your anguish
will spring forth a calling
to build an Orphan-haven
where you’ll nurture orphans
and street urchins into leaders.”

you will be shot dead
in the streets like a dog.
Your murderer will go scot-free
under man’s flawed law,
leaving you another casualty
in humankind’s futile war 
against hate.”

you will burn to a crisp
in a horrific accident,
but you’ll rise like a phoenix
from the ashes to awe the world
with your powerful song — 
indeed, tragedy breeds greatness.”

you will traverse life, lost 
and broken. When you can’t go on
any longer, you’ll either slash
your wrists, leap off a skyscraper
or blow your brains to damnation.
Your life will have no meaning
because I will it so.”

you will this…

you will that…

I wonder,
do the powers that be
know we’re human beings
capable of feelings, emotions
and there’s only so much
‘destiny’ we can take?

I doubted it.

So I petitioned
heaven’s human resources dept.
to intercede on our behalf,
to implore the powers that be
to turn down the stoves of hell — 
fire and brimstone from their ovens
relentlessly roast us on earth;
and by the time Armageddon
or Judgement Day comes,
there’ll be little left of us.

Their response is still pending…

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