The Queries

I walk through the alley before night

I saw a man sitting beside the streetlight

He wore a grungy shirt and a pantaloon

He eats food that was being thrown

Children have passed me by

Wearing those indelible smiles

Playing those broken toys

With their laughs I was been coyed

I watched my pace as I walked

With croaky voice I heard, my attention was caught

There they are, two men are laughing

Inaudible but they seem to enjoy chatting

I reached my home,

I went straightly to my bed

Wanting to take rest alone

But what I’ve seen tonight plays on my head

I asked myself redundantly

What or why, what’s more important?

How or what, what’s more important?

How or why, what’s more important?

Would it make me happy or reluctant?

Luxurious thing satisfies me,

Have I honored my dignity?

I may win every game,

But how I finished it?

I may have the fame,

But did I attach it to my name?

Substance over form,

I am to be blamed,

Form over substance,

I will take all shame.

I have what they don’t have,

They have what I don’t have,

It’s fairer to be contented.

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