The Scared Prayer Of a Hardened Optimist

God I hope you’ll forgive us

For not having a clue

What to do

we’re practising trying to love each

Be a good friend

a good family member

A good stranger

Let no one be excluded

From being our neighbour

Fear separates us

But love unites us

And sets us free

From arbitrary divisions

We’ve known this a long time

But we’re still working on it

Maybe we need a second summer of love

That lasts a whole century?

Maybe we could turn the whole world

Into a wildlife sanctuary?

Pass a law to tell everyone to

Take it easy?

Change our perspective on what it’s all about,

Learn to dance and shake it all about,

Celebrating life instead of destroying it

For advantage,

Appreciate peace and stillness

Heal our sicknesses

Have barbecues on the pier

We’ll come into our own

Until we disappear

Maybe that’ll be enough?

It wouldn’t be that hard

If it wasn’t for us.

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