The Six of Us

by Tiffany Chiu

With our squinty-eyed smiles, we captured our picture.

The six of us—nestled closely behind the narrow coffee table.

Our connected arms gracefully rested on shoulders

As we spent our final glorious days together.

With our airplane tickets, we said our goodbyes.

The six of us—dispersed across the nation

Lost in the unfamiliarity of our new “homes”

Plagued with our drowning depression and doubts.

With our phone calls, we wept until dawn.

The six of us—with time zone differences

Found an escape to breathe in our genuine conversations

As we found false hope in superficial friendships.

With our busy schedules, we abandoned each other.

The six of us—with new friends and new ambitions

Lost the sparks to maintain our friendship

Because we moved forward to new paths.

With our old photographs, I reminisced alone.

The six of us—now fully adjusted to our new lives

Occasionally talked of hanging out

But those plans never followed through.

With my throbbing sadness, I decide to give up.

The six of us—now familiar strangers

Have become only distant memories of the time

When we spent our glorious days together.

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