The sky and the sea

Feeling the breeze in my hair, absorbing the warmth on my skin, 
Marvelling at the serene expanse, drifting into a trance, 
Thinking… how would this even end?

They look at each other always but never hold hands, 
They walk side by side but never meet, 
They endure the journey together but never arrive.

Days come and go, seasons change, 
Tide and storms test their fortitude, 
Sailors seem to help them and night twists it all, 
And yet… horizon eludes them.

A tear trickles down my cheek, 
While humidity stifles me, 
Spreading my hands out to them, 
I try to bring in the verve that I am devoid of

For they never give up, 
Nor shall I.

Love story of the sea and the sky, feeling it sitting ashore… deriving strength from them to keep going.

This poem is a reminder when I can’t go to my special place and contemplate.

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