The Summer Night

On the beach with the moon and the music of the singing waves

The Summer Night is so beautiful
Not too hot, not too cold.
Slowly the temperatures get down
But there’s still some light.

So I often wait
Until 10 or 11.
Before I go to the beach
To lie down on the sand.

I still see some couples
Cuddling each other in the far.
I often wonder when I could
Share this moment with someone.

I am in the moment, nevertheless
Enjoying the moon and the music
Of the singing waves
That are meant just for me.

They say, you need to know thyself
And can do only when you’re alone. Sure,
I’m enjoying this summer night, but
I guess I’ve know thyself too much now.

Longing for a touch, for a kiss
For someone to share a laugh with.
I lie down on the sand
Staring at the stars.

I can sing and no one would listen
I can yell to the distant stars.
With the moon as my audience
I can dance to the music of the waves.

But I‘d still wish I could dance with someone
Stepping on each other’s feet.
We would laugh every time
One of us would mess up a step.

I would sing into the skies
While he lies down and hums to mine.
Once every while we miss the tune
Our laughs would fill in our songs.

For now, I live with this dream
Waiting for it to become true.
For now, I lie on the beach with the moon
And the music of the singing waves.

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