The Sweet Poison

The sunshine not shining,
the wind not blowing.
A whiff of tension in the air,
murderous and inviting.

Such was the day,
leading nowhere,
from dawn to dusk,
darkness everywhere.

The night’s party full of people,
but I was still lonely,
like a still stone in a wild river,
surrounded by eternal frenzy.

The thirsty eyes wander
among the sea of faces -
plastic, phony and made up,
fake smiles here, poker faces there.

The words dripping with honey
appearing sweet from outsides,
but carrying poison within,
full of hatred, envy and vice.

The air filled with the smell
of stale whiskey and staler breaths.
The half drunk visage revealing
only half lies and hiding full truths.

The right hand for handshakes,
the other for holding a knife,
behind their backs waiting for
that one precious moment to slice.

People smiling at their dramas,
and still scorning at others’,
but everyone is playing a part of
how to trick their so called brothers.

And when the vicious fangs come out
to lick their glasses gulping in one try,
revealed the bloodshot eyes that were hidden
now shining ominously under the moonless sky.


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