The timing of things

i was not looking for anything,
i was not looking for you — 
but perhaps that was exactly why
a quick hello evolved over time.

i’ve spent so many nights
searching for something in the dark,
but here you are,
despite it all.

let’s take our time before the fall — 
these things can’t be rushed.
i hope you’ll be there for me
at the bottom, dorminhoco.

this lets me
memorize the pieces of you
that no one has
taken the time to notice.

here are some things:
your eyes when you daydream,
the furrow of your brow cooking breakfast (eggs),
the way you correct my Portuguese — carefully,
sarcastic quips from over your shoulder,
the steadiness of your breath when Game of Thrones is on,
the words you say to only me, atop mountains.

how special this is,
to meet someone
como você,
when i was not
looking for you.

Thank you for your time — I love feedback!

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