the Trump-Stopper

they finally designed it, last touches now finished

though it took several months that can still not diminish

the magic some felt when it rose to the heavens

conquering fear and outrage by the sevens.

how did they do it, stringing up all those tensions?

i’m sure the engineers would glad show those dimensions.

for who could not cheer when his face and his hair

disappeared from our screens with a kick to despair?

the work of those warriors went notches up higher

as all of his nonsense and brash got retired.

it flickered the nights as they went without sleep

ensuring the canopy which would mean his outsweep

and then when it topped out so high above earth

the worriers and scurriers felt a bit of rebirth

“So, how does it work, with it’s flags all up there?”

— oh . . . that’s just my kid’s tree-house; the device which they lifted was a contraption called prayer!

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