The Voice of a Girl

I was a tiny cell, not male not female
 I was nurtured and fed and cared
 I could hear the laughter of my mother
 When I kicked her inside and played

God whispered words into my ears each day
 At times when there was darkness inside
 But then I felt my mother’s hand
 Caressing her belly as I felt it on my head

At last I opened eyes into the world
 And there were colors so bright it hurt my eyes
 And then I heard someone say “Oh, it’s a girl”
 Was I different? I was just flesh and bones

Then I grew up to be ignored at times
 And times when my wishes were left unheard
 My mother, helpless, lifting my spirits each time
 And all I wanted was a fatherly hug

My patience was tested and pushed to the limits
 Insulted, hurt, attacked by words and actions
 Actions of those strong men that rule the house
 Far less strength they carry than the women who gives them life

Now I am all grown up and strong
 Living the life of my dreams
 And I am nowhere behind in this world
 Who still considers me less than my worth.

 Khushboo Dem

Originally published at on May 7, 2015.

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