They lied. Didn’t they ?

“Speak”, they said. 
“But I don’t know how to”, I made excuse.
“Learn”, they instructed.
I started practicing.

“Express”, they said.
“But I am already speaking”, I exclaimed. 
“Speaking is not equivalent to expressing”, they elaborated.
I started trying harder.

“Pour your heart out”, they said.
“But I am expressing”, I enunciated.
“Not everything!!”, they elucidated.
I started gathering even more words.

“Love”, they said.
“But I am flawed”, I stated.
“We love the flawed side”, they persuaded. 
I started unfurling.

“Care”, they said. 
“But I love”, I asserted.
“A little more”, they demanded.
I started submitting my soul.

“Don’t let go”, they said.
“But I care”, I whispered. 
“We might try leaving”, they giggled.
I started to tighten my grip.

I spoke. 
I expressed.
I poured my heart out. 
I loved.
I cared. 
I didn’t let them go.


“Don’t you think before speaking??”, they clamoured.
“But you asked me to”, I sobbed.
“Yeah, whatever”, they shrugged off. 
I started entwining.

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