Those Moments

How I remember those moments
those moments before you became mine.
In that warm room, on that chilly night
just before we kissed and felt so sublime.

Those moments were so special
they must have seen what’s in store.
So they tightened the reins on them,
and slowed down, not rushing anymore.

Those moments then lingered around
like the fallen beads off a broken thread.
Bouncing and ricocheting around us
dancing within the wake of your warm breath.

The silence was deafening in that room,
there was a need that was Oh, so pressing.
Every heartbeat, each atom of our bodies
had realized and felt, what was coming.

There was nothing left for us then but to kiss,
to fulfill the wishes of that time,
to drink from that chalice of love
that was so sweet and so sublime.

Everything felt so dreamy then
every moment felt like an eternity.
It was then my life found its meaning
and that my existence found its destiny.

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