Those Two Hearts Are One

A visitor comes, not of this plane
He asks to see beauty, asks to see love
I think for a moment: how to explain?
He says: I can fly. Let’s look from above
He also owns time…let’s get out of the rain…

We go back a day, just a few hours
It’s still a bit cold, but no more rain showers
Where do we go? He asks me in flight
Up just ahead. Turn to the right.

Downward we float, our presence he hides
I point: over there. Softly we glide.
Two are afoot, their bodies pressed near.
We see that they’re watched by a curious deer.

The two stop and kiss, an embrace pure and strong
The deer still watches and follows along
My companion and I back off just a bit
For below us we see that a flame has been lit

That is love, she is beauty
He avows with a nod
I’ve completed my duty, he says

But a question remains, for I felt their hearts ache
Why is that? He asks as he glances my way

I answer him then, with a voice strong yet soft
That is love as well, but a different part
For when they’re alone they send wishes aloft
And this ache you sense, inside their hearts
Is desire to meet again, their touches renewed
For that is the part where their hearts come unglued

Why’s that? He asked with a curious tone.
Because, I answer. Those two hearts are one.

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