Through the windows on a new moon night

The winds carried a distilled odour of burning dreams

The darkness swept in

Like a blanket of unknown vapours

Taking over the seas

The rivers

The meadows

The moors

Engulfing anything and everything in their ways.

The darkness of the new moon night

With the twinkling stars

Hidden behind

The mountains

The masks

The terrors

The smog of

The unsung songs

Waiting to be released from everyone’s hearts.

The silence spread through the world

In an instant

Like a silence of

The worst wars

The broken love

The fallen rose

The dying candle

The frozen teardrop

Every voice that’s trying to find a way out of everyone’s lips.

While those who are lost to the monsters

Are sent off with a coin to pay the ferryman

With, in their bags,

Their dreams

Their fears

Their memories

Of their loved ones' faces

And their last moments

Snatched in a blink by the madman.

The world remains broken and yet

Unified and stronger at the same time

The only way to fight this terror

Is to remember

The dreams of those

Who can no longer chase them.

Our love for

Each other.

The faces of those stronger

To step forward to save others.

The names of those courageous

To lose their life saving others'.

The sun that still rises,

The birds that still sing,

The wind that still blows,

The oceans that still roar,

No matter what

We remain courageous, tolerant and loving.