To Blame or Unite?

Some women
spit venom,
twisted words,
hating men.

Blaming and dissing,
and not knowing when.
To stop, to look
to go deep within.
To ask oneself, 
is it really him?

The finger is pointed,
the anger is deep.
Play the victim,
kill the patriarchy,
equal rights,
sounds so grim.

But we don’t need
more fighting
and war.
More division
and blame,
and making of laws.

No. We need justice,
union, and care.
We need respect and love 
’cause if it’s not there;
We’ve no heart, 
no morals,
no will to go on.
No creation, 
no softness.
Polarity — gone.

So please meet the shadow
before blaming the other.
Only then can we truly 
help The Great Mother.

She needs us, she needs truth.
She needs awakened youth.
She needs fathers and mothers,
so go get the others!
The heroes, the brave,
the mighty and strong.
Rise, be quick, 
we haven’t got long.

It’s not black, it’s not white.
It’s not men we should fight.
It’s not healthy to blame
or to lay on the shame.

What helps, you may ask,
to fulfil such a task?

Removing the labels,
so quick to condemn.
So angry, so jaded,
so quick to blame “them”.

A mantra, some words
Replacing the cuss. 
So simple, so easy,
“It’s not them, it’s us.”

— Joy and Resilience


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