Photo credit: Girl Genius comic, vol. 12 p. 021

Today is a demons day

Befriend them, I said not long ago.
Why not? They’re everywhere around me.
They’re here, 
sitting with me, 
on me,
squishing me into my chair
until I can’t breathe.

My but they are comfortable though!
I have been feeding them so well — 
they are fattened,
cheery, and 
quite self-satisfied.

They lounge, while I squirm.
They chuckle at my inconsequential efforts to shake them off of me.
I push, and they giggle.

As I write,
Subtly, the weight shifts.
Lightening, dissolving.

The heavy mass, the volume,
the block — 

The lightness is staggering in its absence.
I am breathless with it.
Where was all this freedom moments ago?
And how do I have the grace 
to be able to feel it now?

Ah yes.