twenty dollar dress

in full skies 
birds spit melodies.

the moon, venus
a charming union 
among stars.

bloodied body
her red pearls.

nylon hairs
she laughs, despairs.

pretty was her clothes,
with the day flowers faced inward.

a mask over
those long wings.

red makes passes, 
knows strangers
under her roses.

in mother’s window,
she knelt,
a dark crow,
looking sage.

girl yellow and gold masked.

open fists 
of white-faced flowers.

pink enough i guess,
that pageant mouth color.

in sugarcane belonging, 
a cracked-open pomegranate blush-whispering to me.

inhabiting gratitude.

warehouse-made and happening strong:
she was a whatever jasmine.

in eloquence, 
being said now, 
chewing me on the sides.

some cypress handsomeness.


.ysidro xylander 2016.

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