Two Men

Photo acknowledgement:Wikipedia

Let us talk about the fisherman and the executive.
Neighbours, perhaps from the same kampung. 
For long, the former has not been seen at work.
There is talk of a big deal back in the day.
Since then Eric the fisherman is invisible to 
Bus, MRT, taxi or the inside of a workplace. 
He is beside water, with silent heat on his back
Where he can see the sky stretch without limit
And cicadas buzz, dragonflies hover around. 
Eric thinks of Joe the executive, craving women
Free coffee, the smell of fresh paper, the feel 
Of a crisp white shirt on his skin and a paisley tie.
Noise, chatter, clatter, happy hours, commutes, 
Dress shirt and tie, abandoned for two decades 
When he became wealthy and lonely, suddenly. 
He does not know Joe digs his nails into his palm
And bites memos to stop screams cross his mouth.
Joe shakes in fright as he tucks shirt, knots tie 
And smiles seeing Eric stroll with rod and bait. 
If only the fisherman knew, surfing the safe blue.

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