Photo by Arkady Lifshits on Unsplash

Ukrainka v’Chyorniy

I’m haunted by a girl in black.
I cannot escape her eyes. Although
she hides, she hunts me down; appears
in complete peripheral view. 
Today she stood on the bus
from the plane, sporting some
sun-burst stain upon her arm.
She followed me to the café
and sat in the booth opposing mine,
with eyes focused on her phone.
She never looked up to notice me.
Showed herself again, this time
the sun had set from her arm. 
Her hair, no longer light, takes on 
a darker hue. Her eyes fix and
look into mine, she smiles and turns
and walks away to board a train.
Boldly shy and shyly bold,
her face is young, her eyes are old.
Though I know we’ve met before
we are forever meeting for
the very first and final time.
She haunts me still, this girl in black.

— Poltavah, 6 July 2012

Originally published in Vox Poetica, 2012

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