Un Blocked

Photo Credit — Me! Masai Mara Sunrise, Kenya

I lost my beat

And lost my pace

Won't concede defeat

I'll find my place

It was like the words had drifted

And my world had shifted

Like the canvas in my mind was blank

And I didn't know if to curse or give thanks

For the moment's respite

Rediscovered the delight

Of crafting verse

Language soft or terse

Melody and rhythm

Innate and built in

My language in flow state

Attempts to elevate

Cements and consecrates

Invents and procreates

Engenders reaction

Poetic call to action

And now that wall is crumbling

I'm no longer stumbling

The words keep tumbling


With no sign of stopping

And I'm not trying to stop them

I want to nurture and augment

It's not in my nature to repent

But the day I do is the day I stop writing

Because that's the day I stopped fighting.

Aarish Shah — Find my most popular poems here and here

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