Until I fall

Drifting through this back-alley, unknown,
The urban mud strives to guide me to my tombstone.
I step over the dirty puddle shedding a death cologne,
with a skull on my chest and ready to devour some bones.
But who am I?
And for anyone who dares to ask,
I shall remove my mask.
And what do you see during this charming night?
Maybe a knight?
Nope…. I just don’t splitter blood for noble reasons…
Well… Maybe an artist full of delight?
I mean… I do paint the streets… but I sure could not care less about the seasons.
Okay…so Maybe a policeman with his flashlight?
Well… I sure go after evil people, but only to remove their demons!
Then who am I you see tonight?
I’m just a humble missionary of death who likes to write…
  • Frederico Vicente