Unwritten love (29)

I would do anything for you,

my serene soul.

I would spend my life waiting for that kiss

and one last night,

to fall deep in your mellifluous hug,

to close my eyes and know you’re there,

to fall under your spell.

to hold your hand,

to feel your voice loving my skin,

to hear your heart caressing my thoughts,

to embrace all this butterflies.

’Cause when you put your arms around me,

there’s no other place I’d rather be.

No written words,

No written songs,

No Gods,

Can measure all this.

The time is right,

you’ve touched my universe, so

I whispered your name through all the stars in the sky, babe.

to hold you glittering above all heavens.

Writing a poem a day for 1 year. This lucky number 29. Thank you for reading. Find me also on twitter @ElaRoxStefan.