Valentines Day

I love you, I love you not
I love you, I love you not

Petalless flowers
laying naked on the floor
of a mid-february morning

Before the crack of dawn
sleepless floral vendors
in the mutilation 
of millions 
of blossoming beauties

To adorn
the blushing cheeks 
of the pondering 
fair maidens

The sacrificial rites
at the altar of the florist

A pinch of sugar evaporates
into an aura of a sweeter scent

A mere representation
of something 
infinitely more significant

This day vanishes
as quickly as it comes

For singles
the day may be
 a cruel reminder
of what was lost
or not attained

For couples 
and the wedded
love becomes 
a task, a duty, a pain 
in the …


Herding towards
the retailers
to pay for
the price of love

The price determines
the extravagancy 
of the expression
of the feelings

Absence of any intensity
of the expression
of the feelings
and Yet …

As crippling to love
and perverse to them
the tradition seems

By the end of this day
the world is a little brighter
littered with smiling faces

The power of love 
although superficial
and merely

a warming
and a comforting 

The enchantment
of the legend 
of St. Valentines

Happy Valentines Day to all! — DryMonkey

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