Waking Hope

I care not for a life well lived,
only a life full of love.

For as long as I can remember,
doubt overshadowed love — 
never fully trusting
the promises of those dear to me,
never wholly believing
the actions that showed they cared.

Scars ridged my heart.

It became tougher,
then colder,
then darker.

But those few,
the beautiful, supportive, understanding, persistent, kind
few who continue to show me
the patient compassion of acceptance
and the bold frailty of trust,
their love undoes each doubt I’ve imagined.

My heart holds every,

“Thank you.”
“Be safe.”
“I miss you.”

Pieces of their souls will remain with me forever — 
illuminating the depths of my heart,
warming the cold,
encouraging gentleness,
healing the scars.

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