Where Were You?
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Image captured the night of inspiration (Copyright J.D. Grubb Photography)

We are the Night Birds

The sky quiets amber, cloud waves
Lap against forest hills unnoticed
As traffic distracts, demands, drives
The city on, on, and on, save

Last haze of fiery rain, in moments set,
Illuminates the canopy to beckon
False lights clicked dark, masks off,
Epithets rolled under stiff production desks;
Flee motors — cars, buses, trams —
Remove collars, leave hurried plans

Out, out into the air, the life, the dare
To live bold, all soul, all hope’s desire
Taking flight with ready wings: stand,
Leave safe again and again and

The way: shallow ponds glimmer our stars,
Glassy creek divides from other side
Chapped with treads, dust, rust, humming freeway;
Narrow trail follows parallel; even here
Low branches delay (not deter) with
Ragged lawn chair, tent, and gear, those
Remnants of a rovers’ grim year.

Eyes need not see, nor ears discern
The land rising, falling, gliding, turning.
Lean right then left, crouch then stand;
Grip its swaying hips to calm
A heart willing to trust its hand
To fly, dance — not all Eden is burning

On away blinks a light — lone guide
Racing the other bank’s flight
Just ahead, behind, lost, beside,
Finally passed crossing arched bridge,
Lamp blinding his shadow now gone. Gone?

For we are the night birds
Riding, running, walking the cool wind
I wish you were near to share in:
Here to breathe, hold to, love with, stay
Together reveling — bask and say that
We are the night birds — creation’s staunch foray.

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