We the poet

We have been accused 
Of portraying love
Through biased goggles
Like it’s rainbows 
And gold dust 
Like it’s mist on 
Pastures so green 
It boggles
Your mind; that 
Love is a 
Shimmering sheen
Blinding the demons 
Antidote to darkness
Panacea for your soul
We never talk
About how love is
A see-saw
Which takes two to play
And eventually one day 
Like distracted children
They abruptly get off
Leaving you to fall
Shimmering sheen
Blinding the demons 
But their eyes adjust
Ready for their assaults
Antidote to darkness
But love isn’t a source 
Of light
It is a candle that
Will eventually burn out
And the wax remnants 
Wane you.

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