What do you do when I wait on you?

What do you do
when I wait on you?

do you remember me?
as you get dressed
do you stop at the door?
come back in once more
do you glance at the time?
when you wear your watch 
forgotten in the drawer
do you go for a walk?
meet friends
hang out
eat, drink
do you just ignore?
the hands of the clock
do you come back?
head for a shower
do you think of me then?
under the hot downpour
do you get into bed?
laze around until bored
you play with your phone
go through forwards
watch videos
perhaps some of them hard core
do you read my messages before?
or after, you turn off all lights
do you look at the time one final time?
when you set your morning chime
and furthermore
do you just fall asleep?
in the blink of an eye
or do I cross your mind?
as an afterthought
the one last thought
that fades…
into the hum of your snore

So what do you do
when I wait on you?

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