What do you think…

A certain part of ‘me’ lives with you now
In your head. Or heart? Maybe.
It’s missing 
from me.
N I know you mostly don’t know what to do with this…
with ‘me’
After all you aren’t supposed to feel this way
Oh no! That’s not you
That’s never been you… for a long time
Certainly not about ‘me’
Or honestly about anybody lately.
That’s just ‘me’… since a long time
Always about you wholeheartedly.
But hey! This is life. You’ve settled (down).
without ‘me’…
So you listen to yourself think
Love? Nonsense. It all makes (no) sense.
Whatever. It’s none of your business ultimately.
You start behaving (in)differently
Until eventually you leave ‘me’
It’s ok. Nothing new, ‘me’ thinks
Just a repeat of history
(see me smile) As long as you’re happy
Always about you wholeheartedly.

(read my tears) For what I think is an entirely different story.
Let it be.

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