What I Learnt about Whiteness

Image from Lutheran Confessions blog

When I walked past the two Tuxedos 
The other night, they taught me that 
Whiteness was innate, a blind wall erected
Between the sinful and the innocent, 
Designed to stifle the Yellow Plague and
To keep foreign hands from their stolen China.

When my friend walked through the hallways
Filled with a six o’clock hymn, He was not White
Enough to qualify as a student, not Pure
Enough to pass the invisible Entrance Tests
That become relevant every day every hour every minute every second 
He walks the streets of a city of so called dreaming spires.

They say all that matters for the Oxford Student is ‘Academic Excellence’ and ‘Intellectual Diversity’.
I wish They could, too, set a collection on how you could become Whiter, 
Or to become blessed with the thunderous oblivion 
Of the pointed fingers and salacious whispers 
That stalk you behind your back, that is 
Never White. Never Pure.

Whiteness is when you walk through your own college and are told, “Tourists not allowed here.”
Whiteness is when you go through security and are grilled on how long you plan to stay in the UK even though you last left it two days ago.
Whiteness is when you are spoken to in broken hand gestures because They think you can’t speak English,
Or speak English that is too shit to qualify.

There’s more to becoming White.
There’s the sound, the clinking and clanking
Noises you Chuck out from the loins of your throat.
The culture, the hashtags, the teas and coffees.
The confidence, the power of colonial thoughts imbued with post-colonial packaging. So smooth. So beautiful.

What I learnt about Whiteness
Is its diabolical commitment to bashing Political Correctness by saving 
Free speech from barbarians who are
Too uncultured to access the speech.

What I learnt about Whiteness 
Is that it is like ageing,
Inevitable, unstoppable, and,
With eventuality, takes away the living.

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