What If

The entire universe is driven by one holy power,
GOD, before whom the world is made to cower.

WHAT IF people in the name of god weren't so afraid,

Would it lead to holy wars in which billions of lives have been laid?

Everyone in the world is in search of love,

This is the result of the expectations which they kept during their time to serve.

WHAT IF people would give love without the thought of what they'd get to take,

Wouldn't their souls be more at peace while their bodies would be in their graves??

Relationship's are like precious stones,

Which people love to adorn,

The more relations they gain,

The lesser about life would they moan.

What IF people would actually value relations from the depths of their heart,

Would the people they declared they loved, drift apart??

Relationship's are about trust and love which make us all feel strong,

Then why do people turn it into a bondage,

Which makes it feel so wrong.

WHAT IF people would nurture it like the blooming flowers,

And give it the essential supplements so that above all it would tower!

Destiny is our canvas and the world our palette,

Instead we waste our time thinking of how to beat others with a mallet!

WHAT IF we would dump negative thoughts which occupy our mental space,

Wouldn't we love the life we have, without any bad thought leaving back its trace!

We live our lives in accordance to rules set by others,

Even if in turn our soul would have to smother,

WHAT IF we could spread our wings and fly like a Swallow,

Wouldn't that make all the hurt and anger within us mellow??

Love is something which we all need to feel,

It's a feeling of joy from which our heart will continue to reel.

What if this feeling wouldn't have to always be displayed,

Just a smile and touch wouldn't let the love between two people fail!

All imperfections and problems are hurdles set by GOD,

Which we spend our entire lives leaping over,

Knowing we'll fall and take cover!

What if we think of our lives like a huge maze,

Then wouldn't our eyes at signs to make it to the end gaze?

What if we wouldn’t be disturbed by all the obstacles which test our will,

Wouldn't we then feel that our lives have come to a standstill?

Living life as it comes will always give us thrills,

Even if it mean facing fear first that always gives us chills.

What if we live our lives thinking of running away from our fear,

Wouldn't that be as good as getting our hearts pierced with a spear?

Life is small boat stuck in the midst of a great storm,

With us as its sailors, using wind to help it keep its small form.

What if we would lose all hope that had kept us going for so long,

What if just before reaching safety we make a decision which is wrong,

Wouldn't all our efforts to keep afloat go waste,

Then the ship called life would go down leaving back on our tongues a salty taste.

-Babar Mir

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