What Is It?

What is it
that possesses a mother
to stomp on her two-year old
because the child dared
to disturb her as she slept?

What is it
that possesses a man
to grab a woman against her will
and force himself on her?
By what self-given prerogative
does he fancy himself
entitled to her body?

What is it
that possesses a mob
to smash a man’s head
with hefty cement blocks
because they believed him a thief?
Spilled brain matter on the streets
and he turned out to be innocent.
What will you tell his wife and kids?

What is it
that possesses a person
to abduct another
and disembowel them
for get-rich-quick rituals?

What is it
that possesses a zealot
to believe by massacring innocents
he’s assured a place in paradise?

What is it? What is it?

How does “human”
mean “compassionate; sensitive”
when humans commit
the most inhuman acts 
against each other?

How many more
will we endure
until the end of time?




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