What’s to become of the caterpillar?

There is a tendency for life to expire
paving way for the renewal of desires

In welcoming the catastrophic storms
& surrendering to the loftiness of splendors

The sons of man conceived thru acts of lust
ritualistically resist this over-arching crux

Impulsive attachments of Soul&Body
be washed away by the tides of trust

Obsession of sensual desires is not so much
but the compulsive yearning to be touched

Bodies ascended from the dust of the earth
held bondage by the root of its very essence

Synchronism of Soul&Body in motion
karmic conditions of the 3rd Newtonian

Bodies aroused by the passing of time
where cycles complete in death benign

Sense the echos, of a deeper voice within
sense of self that is beyond mere knowing

Caterpillar, of all the possible abstractions
can not conceive of a deeper essence

Only a love of Self that is pure and true
can caterpillar surrender to the morning dew

Slumber in the darkness of the woven tomb
caterpillar dreams of soaring to the full moon

The hour of dawn brings the morning dew
dissolving forever caterpillar‘s youth

Stubborn sins revealed through penance
festering decay of caterpillar’s essence

Consoled in remorse within nature’s womb
the promised unveiling of a butterfly’s essence

Lost of self, not that of a childhood amnesia
but a release, as that which the body defecated

All else becoming, embrace & absorbed
as a drop of dew consuming the ocean

Olden caterpillar may never come to terms
butterfly, forever touched by caterpillar’s yearn

Passing time arouses morning dew penance
butterfly, forever consumed by caterpillar’s essence

Souls of man encase within the earthly womb
dream of soaring, amidst the midnight blue

— Dry Monkey

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