When I Die, I Hope You’ll Be There For My Resurrection

When I die, I hope you’ll be there for the resurrection.
When it comes time to finally shed my skin
The skin I was never really comfortable in
I will lay dormant for awhile
Until my time comes to reappear
I will emerge from my cave
Just like Jesus Christ supposedly did

I will shield my eyes from the sun
And wonder just how long I have been gone.
But I will feel lighter, shiny and new
Less like a tightly wound wire and full of calm.
And then I will start my new life
And I will hope you are there

I am not saying that you are my compass
Showing me which way to go
But I had no direction, I was rudderless
You helped me get my bearings and got me pointed north
Freshly back from the dead I feel buoyant
Walking lightly toward contentment
When I reach my destination
I hope you meet me there

When I die, I hope you’ll be there for my resurrection
So you can see that I’m better than I once was
Back in the days when you knew the dead me
The cad I was before I was reborn
The story is not over until it’s finished
You can die a thousand deaths while you’re still alive
I hope you get to see my resurrection
I hope you are there when I arise

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