“When The Seasons Change” 
You were my inspiration 
You were the face of my temptation 
My obsession and fascination 
My adulation, my false elation 
Because…you smelled like Heaven 
But you hurt me like Hell 
I tried to teach you I could love you, got burns for show and tell 
I had a rock-like statue of a heart that you made soft as hell 
Then ripped it all too easy 
Lightened me up like air to breathe me 
Then you sneezed me 
Not what I had in mind when I would say you blow me away 
Blew me away like shotgun emotions got in the way 
I spit the shells to this day 
In remembrance of you... 
I pray when I die I see nothing in semblance of you 
Either destination I arrive 
If it’s gold under my feet or fire to my sides 
You are beautiful like angel more demon by the day 
Sin in the way 
I’m hooked to you, still look to you 
To cover me with your wing 
I’m your redemption, you’re my sickness, but can’t throw you up 
We owe each other, let’s pay up 
Hold each other like we’re stuck 
Cause it’s cuddle season 
My bed is open season 
I’ll sacrifice my pride and respect for you 
In the heat of this moment I sweat for you 
I stretch you for you 
With half-faith I get swept up from you, like the rapture came 
Cause I know you’ll leave me hanging , when the season change


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