Where are Artists from?


Young Angels brawl 
in a music hall
jealous of the debonair 
with the killer hair 
lead-singing in prayer
They conspire & hire, just for a lark
the RainbowSerpent
from the knowledge tree, in the middle of the park
to ignite a spark in the old Patriarch 
& have the lead singer banished from Heaven’s arch

Instead Ss/He sings a song of naked apes
breaking bread & drinking grapes
cutting apple 
& making selfies dapple 
oblivious to the trouble
with living double
in a bubble

High & dry
the Angels sign the petition 
lobbying every politician
to engineer the conditions
& re-negotiate coalitions
load the lightning bolts with ammunition
before taking seats at the pogrom
to cheer God banishing the debonair
bomb for bomb

this is where artist comes from

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