where we’re going

an audio poem

the river gives,
the river takes.
born out of water,
we will evaporate.

we are more than
this blood, this flesh.
we are creatures of time,
of el agua and empathy.

these beating hearts
are not ours,
they are under
temporary ownership.

use it quickly,
this contract of luck
lives one-hundred years.

this is a deposit 
you will not want back,
so go wild in this skin.
fly in clouds, run with rivers.

live this life with roots
in all corners of Earth — 
dance with leaves,
shake off these chains.

we do not have time
to break our hearts on
false promises,
halfhearted truths.

break your heart on
first loves that
will never work — 
there is only one.

shed your tears over
sunsets you never get back,
wildfires that burn so
terribly, beautifully.

these rough winds will
pilot our sails
through the night,
through the dark.

and when your contract
is up, listen — 
hand over a heart so full that
your infectious love spills over.

out of water we came,
to water this blood will return.
the river gives,
the river takes.

Thank you for reading, your time is a gift. I love feedback! :-)

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