While I Talk, the Painting

The Water Stream, La Brème — Gustave Courbet 1866 — CC0 via Pixabay

The spoon in your teacup,
as you stir in the sugar,
could be the Sovereign’s Sceptre,
topped with the Star of Africa,
for your fascination.

Balanced between tapered fingers,
it holds your gaze.

Do you listen to another voice
while I talk?

The photo of the immigrant,
down and out on the Lower East,
could be the Mona Lisa,
any masterpiece of the Louvre,
for your eye praise.

Hanging on the red brick wall,
it holds your gaze.

Do you dream of a different life
while I talk?

While I talk, the painting,
a simple oil of a local creek,
leads you away to a place
I’ll never be.

From “The End of an Ordinary Life”, available soon. See my Author’s page.
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