Flames dank in sweat, skins drip wet in still twilight.

In woods of silence, here my soul finds shelter in You.

Eternity screams Your name, whispers along corridors of time.

Far away in vast deserts where I lost all, I crashed down halls of stairs to fall at Your feet.

Veins emptied of essentia, lights blind blank as I sleepwalk through existence.

Notes emptied of consonance, cold grips in depths of heart.

I chase the motions of clouds, how quick the pages become desolate of ink.

Hearts race in motion, wandering in paths to find That which is You.

My world crashed on Your shore, in kinetics of planetary accordance.

In deep nights moves your carriage, scenery bathed in Your aura.

Seconds click heels in speechless floors of night, am stuck in frames dangling on white walls.

Let me see thy light, in these nights where Your essence pervades air.

I stand at the edge, you beckon to my soul, I fall.

Drowned deep in sleep, tapestry of thoughts weaved around You.

Blend in soul fiber, lost in Your ambiance.

Crawl into me, see me for the broken piece I am.

Kiss my being, mend broken stitches in seams fallen apart.

Hear me in thoughts, here where pulse drums for You.

Lay buried in recesses of heart, a soulful Charleston of burning flames.

Save me from highways where fallen dreams walk, lest winds muffle my prints.

Let me bask in rays of Your dusk, warmth that cocoons my soul.

Put me inside You, I would never ever leave.

Let pens speak on pages, of moments captured in book of days.

Painter of dreams, fill empty canvass with deft strokes of thy brush.

Webbed in your existence, threads woven deep in soul.

On a bus that takes me home, I will dream of you tonight.

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