White elephant

’Tis claimed in legend 
an elephant — white,
is first, knee to bend
on Adam’s Peak’s height 
at start of each year, 
when none else is near
 — as gospel held true
by simple folk old:
of whom remain few
 — belief’s flame grown cold
with closing of minds
 — which knowledge struck blind. 
Is’t the very same
that first paid homage:
famed perhaps by name
in a bygone age
 — as than all fairer — 
Lord Saman’s bearer?
 — of all given birth
throughout this wide realm, 
none else bears such worth: 
monarch at the helm
of all animals
 — the Lord’s vehicle — 
Yet few now pay heed
to strange truths, reject
as fable its deed
 — scant honor, respect
pay — as to an ant — 
the white elephant.

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