Who is She?

She smelled of books and stories

Of all the worlds she’d lived within

As though the ink had left the pages

To find a new home in her skin

She didn’t quite belong here

Lived a life within her head

Like she’d slipped out from the covers

Of paperback instead

And you’d see it in her eyes

That they were deeper than a well

She was a whole library of stories

That we’d beg of her to tell

When she spoke the world would listen

To the adventures of her mind

For if there’s such a thing as magic

Then it was something she could find

And her heart had looked much further

Than her eyes had ever seen

She’d walked on words to places

Her two feet had never been

It’s years now since she moved

And we all failed to keep in touch

So her memory’s all faded

Like a book you’ve read too much

But if she hoped to leave us ink-stained

She should know she did succeed

For even now we all still look for her

In every book we read

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