Win The Battle

Photo Credit — Me! London

Your single-minded pursuit is
Truth is
It’s fruitless 
The proof is
In what follows, 
Beg steal or borrow
Will it bring you joy 
Or morose sorrow? 
Be a leader if you want to be followed 
Cos on the morrow 
You may wallow
In the knowledge
That this was Oh so hollow 
Not innovative 
Just derivative 
And lacks spirit if 
You look hard enough
And though you tried to bluff
We saw straight through
Your huff and puff 
Ridiculous bluster
That left you flustered 
Cos ignorance reigns you 
For that I can’t blame you
Such a shame you
Remained the same you
Hate the players and the game too
So I’m gonna tame you
Pour down knowledge like rain to
Nourish all the seeds that we’ve planted
So my children’s futures won’t be haunted
By ghosts of past stupidity 
The never ending perfidy 
Of old men in ivory towers
Glass ceilings below which we cower
I’m a planter and a grower
I’m a reaper and a sower 
I’m a learner and a knower
Of arcane cognition 
Foots on the pedal
Key’s in the ignition 
Bringing iterative revisions
Calling out dysfunctional decisions 
With an engineer’s precision 
Yes I feel it
When I see shit
When we should be flattening 
These pyramids
Captaining the sparked kids
Marked kids
These smart kids
That live amidst
The daily armageddon 
Time we got our heads screwed on
Before it’s too late
And in a spate
Of violence and anger
Of pestilence and hunger
The war mongers
Win the battle and the world bears the toll
And we lose the fight for all these hearts, minds and souls.

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