Windy Love Affair

Boisterous it gets,
Voracious wind spreads the giant nets,
Takes in all that rested,
The dust,
The finest, 
The minutest,
Celebrating the feel engulfed in the wind’s soul,
Vehemently dancing with the trees.
Fearing the dusty invasion of the evening showstopper,
The ones on the land seal their eyes.
The old gloomy sky looks for his daughter,
Exuberant in her white castle,
No more holding her tight,
The windy proposal is here to unravel:
“The world has felt my presence,
All I need is your essence,
Feel me,
Love me.”
Rains, Rains, Rains,
I am here to fall:
“Before I fall in love,
I want to fly in love.
Feel me,
Love me.”
Cuddling the dusty winds,
Settling all the dust,
Calming things around,
The wind grants her wish,
Pushes her aside,
Takes her to a romantic horizontal ride,
We are now the lovely cool breeze.