Won’t You come Back Home

I saw your footprints wandering in the desert sand

Way across in the cactus never Neverland

Starlight skies, magic islands and the distant shores

Castle walls of gleaming glass walking though the seven doors

Oh girl won’t you come back home

Sail to my secret garden under the crystal dome

Walk among the flowers with the butterflies and bees

Dance again with delight among the dandelion trees

Carry the ocean within a single tear drop

Plant a new moon in the dragon’s breath crop

Oh girl won’t you come back home

No words to be spoken, empty and alone

Beauty in the eye, beholder of the lie

Destroyer of the soul, the aftermath takes its toll

Dream of dreams long since gone

The words and the music to an empty song

Oh girl won’t you come back home

As the footprints fade under the sea spray foam

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