Words are History

Photo by Pixabay

Words are letters assembled in a specific order,
order of these words, compiled to make sentences.
Sentences arranged to show movement, fluidity, waves,
Emotions washing over as the wave appears and then vanishes.

Paragraphs are just random thoughts laced together,
thoughts we connect and carry through our personal stories.
Stories handed down from mouths to the written word,
to paragraphs, then a page in a story.

Pages strewn into piles, piles assembled,
assembled words into books, books read and re-read.
Words in massive amounts consumed,
consumed and regurgitated out for the next generation.

Generations holding ancestral words,
words spoken, written, organized for preservation.
Preservation of history within these stories,
Personalities collide within these pages we hand down.

Generations joined together by history,shared together in words, 
Words harboring in our thoughts, memories, history,
Words are letters, letters assembled in an order,
Held together for us to remember.

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