Would it not be nice to be robots?


Would it not be nice to be robots?
Life would compromise of pixels and dots
Smiles would just be function of the mouths
Tears would be absent, so would doubts

Being switched off and on at somebody’s will
Not having to pay rents or the ever present bill
No emotions to cloud ones thought
People and their views will amount to naught

Love and its many twisted spikes will not be a worry
No etiquettes, No please, no thank you, no sorry
Appreciation would come with every movement
Be it a step or setting up someone’s humongous tent

Expectations would just be a long dictionary word
Would not matter if you owned a Merc or a Ford
Sleep would just be a discharge away
No one bothers how much you weigh

No judgments on parameters unfair
Would not have to care, neither have to share
No commitments to honour, no promises to keep
Beauty and every other attribute will just be skin-deep

Population, pollution, global warming and deforestations
Don’t play a role on your decisions
No scars to deal with, neither wrinkles nor spots
Would it not be nice to be robots?

Originally published at www.facebook.com.

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