Yes I breathe

Yes I breathe
I sigh within the depth of my soul
When only the silent whispers of your heart keep my sparks alive
My heart lost in the deafening silence
I linger in the undying aura of your presence
Wrapped in the tenderness of your grace
Memories that can never fade

And Yes I see
The innocence in your smile
The gift in your eyes
The life in your heart
An expression of love’s divine
The most unusual sparks of fervor
Air animated and yet filled with palpable serenity
Such is the world around you
Such is my fate around you

And Yes I think
With a million words rushing in the violence of gentle waves
As I struggle to remain in control of nature’s grip on my resolve
None! Makes it to the note
I clearly do not have the right words to describe the truth
Sad nothing can do justice to the purity of it
And yeah! I admit! 
I have embraced the comfort in silence
Resting my fate in stares, sighs, and warmth I hope will never fail

I know I am far from perfect
But know you here and now
My eyes have seen the light only you can bring
And that! Can never be dimmed
Neither by distance nor time